Public Awareness

FACTS of the Day

Visual representation of data pertaining to contemporary issues, published every working day on social media platforms. Visit our Facebook page and Twitter handle to learn more about our daily infographics.

FACTS of the Month

Amalgamating detailed information about a certain sector or issue relating to business, economy or politics, published every month in the English magazine Business 360. Visit our Facebook page to learn more about our infographics.

FACTS of the Week

Infographics that contain information of a definite issue, published every week on the leading English national dailyThe Himalayan Times’ Perspectives (Sunday’s edition). Visit our Facebook page to learn more about our weekly infographics.

Tathya ra Tarka

A weekly talk show program, where leading figures from a variety of sectors are invited to put forth their views based on facts and data; aired on a leading national television channel every week